The foundations of our company Mehmet Altunkapak (1926-1994) was laid in Isparta. Mehmet Altunkapak, who mainly deals with the sale of sheet metal, wiping and square iron, founded a rolling mill in Isparta in 1962 that attracted wiping and square iron.

After an industry experience of 8 years, he sold the rolling mill and continued to trade. Working with his son Şenel Altunkapak until 1974, Mehmet Altunkapak handed over his duty to Şenel Altunkapak. Şenel Altunkapak also added rebar sales to its profile, pipe, and sheet metal sales. In 1988, Altunkapak Demir Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has established a branch in Antalya due to its vision and settled in Antalya. In 1999, his son Mehmet Mete Altunkapak completed his education abroad and started to work in the Isparta branch. In 2002, our company's headquarters moved to Antalya.

In 2006, Şenel Altunkapak resigned from active business life and handed over the chairmanship of his board to his son, Mehmet Mete Altunkapak. Altunkapak Iron Industry Inc. Since 1950, the iron and steel industry, quality, trust and prestige is a company that continues to serve for three generations. We are engaged in wholesale and retail sale of rebar, wire mesh, wire rod and steel construction materials.

We serve our customers with quality warehouses, fast delivery and competitive prices in our 2850 m² closed area with 4 warehouses, 9 truck fleets and hundreds of products. 60 years of experience, our company with the knowledge and infrastructure to cater to every region of Turkey.

According to the needs of the developing market, our main goal is to offer new and high quality products to our customers on time, accurately, reliably, quickly and more effectively and to provide them with the most reasonable price guarantee and technological opportunities.
Taking into account customer expectations by not compromising quality, customer satisfaction is based on quality approach and beyond expectations; to be one of the leading companies in the sector with ribbed rebar and construction steels.
  • Quickness
  • Quality
  • Customer happiness
  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Continuity
  • Confidence
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements


Founded in 1988 and continuing its service in Antalya since 2002, Altunkapak Demir San. and Tic. Inc. rebar and steel construction products, as well as sales of logistics services throughout Turkey serves.

We provide domestic and intercity freight transportation services with our open boxes and tipper vehicles. Fast delivery, trust and customer satisfaction are our main targets.